Christopher Leyva’s Falling Doves

Falling Doves

‘The Falling Doves’ , is a collection of old friends and professional touring musicians. Leyva stated the band plays an exhilarating brand of high octane rock and roll, topped with a pop edge that keeps the songs ringing in your ears long after the last strum has been played. Falling Doves whiskey laced vocals and lyrically confessional songs are paired with an aggressive performing style.“We just want to do something good and with high energy and showmanship with a stage production to complement the music we feel,” The band was made to accompany me and my diverse songwriting catalog.”The four piece band is comprised by Jason Knight on drums , Darcey Ciccone on bass/back up vocals and Mike Dorsey on lead guitar the band may be led by Leyva, but they are equal opportunity rockers, each involved from the writing to the production, each helping take Falling Doves to new levels. These guys were there when i wrote these songs,“Leyva stated,“and they are not only my friends but fans of the music and my songwriting and that really comes across in the performance. They know all the lyrics and i can really set loose on a stage with them. I love them and admire them as musicians and friends and I am glad to be sharing the stage with them. Currently we’re promoting a new record called ‘Ready to go’.
Their forthcoming debut album will be a collection of tracks from throughout Leyva’s career alongside new recordings. “We re-imagined the tunes with the Falling Doves sound, so basically we are treating the material as “new.”I think this will be my best work yet. Heading into 2014 the band will be on the road much of the year, promoting their debut album, with Europe planned for this summer, followed by their first U.S. Tour.


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